Lumenalpha Cylinder Small Wall Mount Direct/Indirect

Features & Benefits

Superb performance, ingenious design
Up to 2000 lumens from a 4 in diameter
An array of body and trim colors are available and can be mixed and matched or color-specified to your decor
Field Changeable Accessories
Accessories and optics are quickly and easily changeable in the field
5-year limited warranty
Standard 5-year limited warranty for complete assembly

High-performance LED with Direct and Indirect Lighting Capabilities

The Lumenalpha Cylinder Small Wall Mount Direct/Indirect is a high-performance LED luminaire that can simultaneously or individually offer direct and indirect lighting. It is ideal for commercial, residential or hospitality applications and delivers up to 2000 lumens from a 4 in diameter. The Small Wall Mount comes in a number of finishes, or can be color-specified to fit your taste. Its accessories, beam angles, trims, and optics are easily and quickly changeable in the field.


13 in

18 in

23 in

Output (nominal lumens)

700 lm

1000 lm

1300 lm

2000 lm

Color and Color Temperature






Color Rendering

CRI 80+

CRI 95+

Radiant CRI 80+

Radiant CRI 95+

Optics (nominal distribution)

Narrow spot 10°

Narrow 20°

Medium 40°

Wide 60°

True asymmetric wallwash


On/Off control

Phase dimming

Pro Phase dimming

0-10V dimming 1% linear

0-10V dimming 1% logarithmic

Pro 0-10V dimming, 0.1% linear

Pro 0-10V dimming, 0.1% logarithmic

DALI dimming 0.1% linear

DALI dimming 0.1% logarithmic

Lutron® EcoSystem® Enabled dimming

Lumentalk dimming

DMX/RDM enabled

Optical Accessories


Half snoot

Clear glass lens

Softening glass lens

Linear spread lens narrow (1° x 40°)

Linear spread lens wide (1° x 60°)

Honeycomb louver


Matte white

Matte black

Matte brown

Matte orange

Matte green

Matte blue

Matte silver

Glossy white

Glossy black

Glossy yellow

Glossy red

Glossy violet

Glossy green

Glossy ivory

Concrete grey

Metalized grey

Italian brick red

Parget white

Custom color and finish (please specify RAL color)



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